Betsylew will fight for you no matter how difficult your case may be. I have had Betsylew represent me twice in personal injury claims. Both times I was very happy with the outcomes. I recommend Betsylew 100%.
 Great job well done!  Betsylew was efficient and meticulous in the handling of my case. I wasn’t always sure of the possible outcomes, but she was very good about explaining different and possible scenarios. I was very pleased with how she approached the other party in my case and came to a reasonable solution that worked for all in a reasonable amount of time. I would highly recommend her for anyone.
You rock! Thank you for your kindness, patience, compassionate help and tireless advocacy as well as for the settlement! I wish you all the best in life, and hope we meet again in happier circumstances. May these orchids remind you everyday of what a beautiful person you are. With deepest respect and gratitude.
Betsylew did an amazing job, and was constantly in contact with me letting me know what was happening as well as what was needed. I never had a doubt that she was in my corner and fighting for me. It was extremely reasuring to know that she was taking on the corporation to ensure that I could take care of my medical bills.
Being involved in personal injury litigation had to be just about one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. I’ve never wanted to be in such a position, but having Betsylew as my council made it possible for me to make it through my case with my sanity intact. She explains all of the relevant information to you in a way that you can really understand what is going on. I felt completely supported by Betsylew and had total and complete confidence in her skills as an attorney. Her confidence that my case would result in a positive outcome was inspiring and what really kept me afloat throughout the arduous process of personal injury litigation. I would absolutely recommend Betsylew to anyone needing representation for a personal injury loss. She will fight hard for you and make sure your case is resolved with your best interests in sight.
My case was extremely complicated with 5 surgeries and dozens of doctors due to my accident. I was exhausted and felt sure Betsylew would be tired of my case and would do whatever it took to get rid of me. To my surprise, Betsylew was very patient, understanding and encouraged me all throughout the four years it took to settle my case. Not once did she ever try and pressure me into making a hasty decision. She was always upfront, honest and very supportive. There was not one time that I called that she didn’t know up to the minute full details about my case.

During mediation, it was clear she is well respected by all attorneys involved, including our mediator. Betsylew was well prepared and her strong persona let opposing parties know she was all about business. She is extremely knowledgeable and worked every angle to get the best settlement for me.

It was a long haul and I couldn’t have been more fortunate to have Betsylew as my attorney. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs a competent attorney.

I had a wonderful experience working with Betsylew. She was always very professional and kept me informed on everything in my case. She was also very attentive and concerned about my needs and always put me at ease. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants to have a pleasant experience.
I would recommend (and have) Betsylew to anyone looking for representation due to personal injury. She was incredibly thorough ready to take my case as far as necessary to fight for me – because of this we were able to achieve a settlement without having to drag the case through the formal courts. The opposing insurance company could clearly see she was ready for anything.

After my case had settled and the checks had cleared issues continued to come up and yes Betsylew continued to fight on my behalf. For this I was incredibly impressed and blessed. She saved my family a tremendous amount of financial and emotional grief even after “her part was done”.

Additionally her compassion and support for myself and my family was wonderful. I suffered a disabling brain injury and she was willing to do whatever it took to not only represent me but keep as much stress off of my shoulders as possible. Often she would be fighting behind the scenes on complex issues and negotiations for me before burdening me with the details. A blessing, believe me.

So if you are reading this you must be “shopping” for an attorney, do give her a call. The firm did not immediately sign me to a contract, rather they answered a lot of questions, gave me some excellent advice, and we both waited to see what my injuries were going to amount to and how the insurance companies were going to react. In the end as my brain injury did not resolve it was clear I was not going to be able to navigate the legal/insurance waters without representation.

I have no problems recommending Betsylew and would most certainly seek her out again should the need arise.

During my association with Betsylew R. Miale-Gix as her client in my auto accident/personal injury case, I observed her characteristics to be as follows:

Highest integrity Extremely intelligent Very knowledgeable in Law Highly ethical Effective in preparation of my case Kept me informed and advised Thorough in documentation and followup Successful in presentation of my case at arbitration Loyal to me as her client and the firm’s ethical standards

I recommend Betsylew R. Miale-Gix without reservation for her excellent case preparation, presentation and successful representation in my personal injury auto accident case.