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Fighting back after a personal injury takes strength, caring, resilience and courage

It takes two Champions. You & your personal injury attorney! Miale Gix Law is your Champion for Recovery!

In the law, as in life, (and in sports), the “traits of a champion” are dominant factors in the ability to overcome adversity and succeed.

A game plan: If you don’t know the goal line, how will you know where and how to reach it.

Focus: Live “in the present” concentrating on the task at hand.

Analysis: Understand one’s strengths and weaknesses to improve your best efforts.

Toughness: Remain steadfast and committed to win, rather than trying not to lose.

For Miale Gix Law, these qualities embody our practice and our pledge to you, our client. To go beyond the ordinary. To simply be exceptional!

We invite you to put our winning attitude and top performance to work on your behalf. The heart of a champion is what it takes to provide you with the representation you deserve.  Contact us today at 206-826-8223 or schedule a confidential Injury Interview at your convenience.